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‘Bike to the future’ as intrepid Redhill cyclists embark on 300-mile sponsored cycle

14 September 2017

Three members of the congregation at St. John's, Redhill are undertaking a daunting cycling trip from Truro to Redhill, to raise funds for a new church centre that will provide much-needed facilities for the community and the parish.

The three cyclists - David and Clare Loft, and Steve Breslin - supported en route by Natalie Breslin will depart from Truro Cathedral today (14 September), cycling back to Redhill and arriving at St John’s on Sunday 17 September. The 300-mile route has been planned to take in a number of churches designed by John Loughborough Pearson, who also designed both St John the Evangelist and Truro Cathedral. Over the course of the 4-day ride the cyclists will visit churches in Dartington (Devon), Sutton Veny (Wiltshire) and South Ascot (Berkshire).

David Loft, one of the cyclists undertaking the journey, said: “I was trying to think of a way that I could raise money for our new church centre at St John’s, and was aware of the Pearson connection and his slightly more well-known design at Truro Cathedral. The idea then grew to include stops at a number of other churches designed by Pearson, where people from their congregations have vey generously agreed to provide us with accommodation along the way. The ride will also be a chance to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Loughborough Pearson which happens to fall this year.

“Whilst we've been training hard, the profile of the hills of Cornwall and Devon still looks quite daunting. We're hoping that the thought of raising lots of money, and the encouragement of our many generous supporters will keep us going.”

Revd John Kronenberg, vicar at St John the Evangelist, said: “Putting together the plans for - and completing the first stage of construction of - our new church centre at St John’s has taken a number of years of hard work by many people in the parish. The challenge that David, Clare and Steve, supported by Natalie, are undertaking over the next few days will make a huge contribution towards enabling us to embark on the second (and final) phase of the project and getting our new centre and the much-needed facilities across the finishing line."

Anyone wishing to sponsor the challenge can do so at


About St John’s Building for the future

Building for the future is a vision not only about bricks and mortar, but also about building a community facility that provides space where young and old can meet, grow and socialise. The new building will have suitable amenities to ensure that everyone can be welcomed regardless of abilities or needs, meet the demands of the expanding congregation and enhance the church’s work in the community to support the people of Redhill and the parish of St John’s.

Phase 1 (the core and the shell) of the building project is now complete. The funding for this has been raised by the congregation through community events and by donations and grants from a variety of sources. Another £500,000 needs to be raised to fund the fitting out of the interior of the building. It is hoped that the new building will open around Easter 2018.

About St John the Evangelist, Redhill

St John the Evangelist is Redhill’s oldest church. It has a thriving congregation, made up of people and families of all ages, and serves many purposes for its residents - from weekly church services, baptisms and weddings to hosting carol services for local schools.

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