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Urgent Fundraising Appeal - St John's Church Roof

Following the recent storms we urgently need to raise funds to carry out emergency repairs to the church roof.

Due to the financial crisis we are unable to pay for these repairs from our funds and as such are asking the community for help.

The church roof requires regular maintenance to clear leaves, remove dead pigeons and repair pipes and lead. This is mostly done (for free) by our dedicated team of church volunteers.

Despite the best efforts of the volunteer maintenance team, the valley gutter between the south aisle and the main church roof has failed and significant damage is being done to the fabric of the building as well as water leaking into the church itself. The Sunday service at the end of October was held to the sound of water dripping into buckets!

We are immensely proud of our church and its place in the local community. It is a Grade II listed building and stands as a significant landmark in Redhill and the surrounding areas.

With the recent increases in mortgage and energy costs our financial resources have been stretched and we are unable to fund these repairs through church reserves, as such we are asking the congregation and local community if they are able to help us protect the church building.

Whether you regularly attend services, come along to one of our Christmas services, have been to a family christening or wedding, or simply enjoy having such a lovely building in your local area we hope you agree that it is important that the building is maintained for all to enjoy.

We appreciate the financial pressures that many in the community are under but if you are able to donate whatever you can that would be greatly appreciated.

We have set up a Just Giving Fundraising Page, which can be accessed here (or by scanning the QR code at the top of the page), and if you are a UK tax payer please remember to also select the Gift-Aid option to maximise the value of your donation.

Thank you for whatever donation you can afford to give.


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