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Meadvale Hall

Hall Hire

Meadvale Hall, in Somerset Road has a long history of association with St John’s. 

It has recently been much improved and is now being used every day in term time by High Trees Nursery, which offers places to local children. They have built cupboards in the Hall for their toys and have decorated the walls with colourful posters and children’s artwork so that it looks vibrant and cheerful. The courtyard in front of the hall is now an outdoor play area with Astroturf and opportunities for sand and water games. A ramp has recently been added to improve disabled access.

The wooden floor was sanded and resealed in 2015, which has restored it to its former glory. What looked like dull pine floorboards were revealed to be a beautiful maple wood and the grain is now showing again.


The kitchen has been repainted and facilities have been improved with a new floor, cooker and cupboards.

Regular users of the Hall are the Brownies, Guides and rehabilitation groups; martial arts classes and yoga sessions taking place every week, too. We also host St John’s Messy Church events.

The Hall is available for casual letting and is becoming more widely known in the area as an attractive and convenient venue for birthday and anniversary parties. It can accommodate about 40-50 people, and trestle tables and folding wooden chairs are stored on the stage for anyone to use for their various activities.

If you would like to book the Hall for a special occasion, please get in touch by email!

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