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Lindisfarne Pilgrimage

by Molly Verity

Earlier in the year John and I went on a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne with a group called Christians Aware. There were twelve of us and we met at Lutterworth, Leicester to make the rest of the journey by minibus.

As many of you will know, Lindisfarne also known as Holy Island is a small peninsula just off the coast of Northumberland. It is inaccessible for several hours a day when the tide comes in and submerges the causeway. This place was the home of St Cuthbert who founded a monastery there in AD 635. It was a very hard life for the monks who struggled with the weather and limited supplies of food.

Viking raiders attacked Holy Island in 793 and the monks eventually left in 875. St Cuthbert's body was removed from Lindisfarne and carried by the monks to Durham where he is now buried.

We had a wonderful week with our time divided between some talks on Celtic spirituality, times of prayer, very long walks and a stunning trip on a boat to see puffins and seals.

I did quite a few pen and wash drawings and so enjoyed sitting on a beach by a deep blue sea and under the dome of heaven! We’ll be back!

Molly Verity


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